As a parent of two girls who play competitive soccer (U10 and U13) and who have attended both day and resident camp for the last three years, I highly recommend FSSA to all soccer-minded families.

Why? Several reasons: the staff, the training, the focus on the individual player and the culture of positive learning. The camp's staff is composed entirely of former professional players all of who are currently coaching professionally. Each practice group trains directly with a professional coach. The camp is small (150 -180 kids per week) and allows all the professional coaches to interact with the players. The camp offers a more intimate setting for children to learn, offering a high number of touches on the ball, new technique development as modeled by professionals, as well as a competitive game play environment. Finally, the camp and its staff make the experience fun, educational and instill a love for the game of soccer.

"Future Stars soccer camp is a great experience for players of all ages. Unlike other camps I have attended this one has more one on one training versus huge groups. The trainers observe the problems and weaknesses of the players and try to help them improve. At this camp you will learn a lot and have a lot of fun doing it. I highly reccommend this camp to anybody who wants to improve their game and have fun."

Kelsey ( Girls FSSA MVP)
U-13 Girls Athena A

Ethan- The Future Stars Soccer Academy camp at Oglethorpe University was something that I think everyone should experience. When I arrived, I was kind of skeptical of whether or not the camp was worth it. Over the next few days, my mind was completely changed. The coaches were great. They set up unbelievable drills that helped me with my agility, ball handling and overall toughness. Don't get me started on the food! The coaches were not only great instructors but they were also extremely nice and some were funny. I think my overall experience at the camp was great and I would love to go back every summer. I suggest that if you want to improve yourself dramatically, this camp is for you."

Devon- The soccer let me tell you its was the BEST .I met friends which some I all ready new. I thought the coaches were great, funny and great at soccer. It helped a lot on my juggles, moving the ball, and lot of other unbealvible things. You now my response is exactly what Ethan said. The food was unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! I improved so much and guess what Gil I finally got my 90 juggles.

Ethan and Devon(FSSA Campers)
U-13 Boys and U-11 Girls

"I really liked the camp. The part I liked the most was the FSSA Championship and the physical training. I liked that we had returning counselors because it gives us a reason to come back"

Isabella(FSSA Campers)
U-12 Girls

"I liked everything. I liked Friday wen I scored a goal. I liked running fast"

U-9 Boys
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